IMG_2164Dr. John Kominoski – Principal Investigator  My research explores various scales of organic matter processing along gradients of environmental drivers within and among ecosystems. I am currently investigating how 1) seasonal variation in hydrology and organic matter dynamics influence whole aquatic ecosystem metabolism, 2) ecosystem process rates scale in river networks, 3) variation in dissolved nutrient concentrations (nitrogen, N; phosphorus, P) and N:P ratios influences microbial organic matter process rates and whole-stream ecosystem metabolism, and 4) how climate versus human water use variation influence freshwater flow regimes and biodiversity dynamics throughout the U.S. Sunbelt (Southeast vs Southwest U.S.). I am co-PI of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research Program for which I lead research projects investigating: 1) wet and dry season dynamics on aquatic ecosystem metabolism as driven by water column depth and flocculent organic matter, 2) subsidy-stress effects of saltwater intrusion on wetland soil ecosystems, and 3) long-term interactive effects of storm-induced phosphorus loading and drought on ecosystem productivity and nutrient dynamics spanning freshwater, brackish, and marine wetlands.  

Curriculum Vitae   Personal Website   Google Scholar profile

Dr. Dong Yoon Lee – Postdoctoral Research Associate


Sean Charles – Ph.D. student  Sean’s research focuses on the functional implications of spatial and temporal distribution of vegetation regime shifts in coastal wetlands. He is testing the effects of mangrove expansion into freshwater and marine marsh ecosystems with increasing winter low temperatures and sea-level rise on carbon sequestration and accretion rates.  Curriculum Vitae

Shelby Servais – Ph.D. student  Shelby’s research focuses on stress-subsidy thresholds in microbial community structure and functioning. Specifically, she is testing how salinity and phosphorous loading to freshwater and marine coastal wetlands associated with storm surge and sea-level rise influence soil microbial diversity, extracellular enzyme activities, and carbon-use efficiency.  Curriculum Vitae

Ximena Mesa – Ph.D. student 
Ximena is studying the ecology of canals in South Florida, specifically how net ecosystem productivity and water management influence nutrient and contaminant removal. She is being supported by a NSF-funded Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) at FIUCurriculum Vitae


Matt Smith – Ph.D. student
Matt is studying the sustainability of urban infrastructure under climate extremes. He is participating in a multi-city collaborative project called the Urban Resilience to Extremes – Sustainability Research Network (UREx-SRN). Matt’s research is a collaboration with the City of Miami Beach in an effort to provide social, ecological, and technological solutions (SETS) to urban and coastal flooding. Curriculum Vitae

Michelle Robinson & Mike Kline – field technicians  Michelle and Mike join us from Audubon Florida with extensive experience field work in the Everglades and Florida Bay.  Both work with Dr. Jerry Lorenz on research that links water salinity and hydroperiod to habitat and food for endangered species, such as the Roseate spoonbill.  Their focus in our lab is to maintain a long-term salinity and phosphorus addition to freshwater sawgrass wetland mesocosms at the Florida Bay Interagency Science Center in Key Largo, Florida.
Michelle Robinson, ready for the elements. Pahayokee, Everglades National Park.Mike Kline, also ready for the elements. Pahayokee, Everglades National Park.

Undergraduate & High School Research Assistants
  • Daniel Read (UREx SRN REU)
  • Suzy Roebling (FCE-LTER REU 2017)
  • Marco Fernandez (FCE-LTER REU 2016)
  • Gabrielle Cabral
  • Venus Garcia
  • Beatriz Sampaio
  • Patricia Leroy
  • Francisca Olmos de Aguilera

Lab Alumni – Graduate Students & Postdocs

  • Aingeru Martinez
    • Current: University of The Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain

Lab Alumni – Undergraduate Students, High School Students, Volunteers

  • Barbara Moahamed
    • Current: MSc program at Charite Molecular Medicine Program, Berlin, Germany
  • Alexis Ramos
    • Current: MSc program, Institute of Plant Breeding, University of Georgia
  • Julio Pachon (FCE-LTER REU 2013, Society of Wetland Scientists Undergraduate Mentoring Scholarship)
    • Former: 2Seeds Network, Magoma-Kijano, Zanzibar, Tanzania
    • Current: MSc program, Soil and Water Sciences Department, University of Florida
  • Kristina Morales (FCE-LTER REU 2015)
  • Diana Segrera
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Andrew Menendez
  • Andrea Gutierrez (Felix Varela High School)
  • Emma Singer

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